Amparo Alepuz

Visual artist. Content creator. Interdisciplinary projects. Illustration. Ideation.


Mis En Plis

Mis En Plis

Amparo Alepuz, Rocío Villalonga and Lourdes Santamaría, unite with the purpose of working in collaboration. This is how the MISE en PLIS group was born, a common denominator to investigate through the production of artistic work with an interdisciplinary perspective. We work on the editing of contemporary proposals: from the Artist’s Book to the Graphic Album, embracing not only its ideation and creation but also the optimization around the editing strategies.

Our first integration work, OUI … DADÁ C’EST MOI. Story of an egg is a book-object that we project on the International Convocation of Artist’s Books, Emilio Sdun Memorial, whose theme proposal revolved around the Dada style and which was selected in said announcement.

OUI… DADÁ C´EST MOI. Story of an egg. 2017

Artist Book. (5/5)


La aventura del saber. RTVE 09-02-17



Research Publication